2017-05-20 Recovery Day 75

There is a lot of good news to report for today. For starters I had a good night of sleep. The good news started with the great omelette I had to start my day. As part of my OT exercises I had a shower. My shoulder pain seems to be under control using a water heating pad. I should also not forget that Dianne was here since she stayed overnight. Her present was more than welcome since she helped with everything that she has been doing for me since my diagnoses.

As to the bad news for today, I try to find something, but couldn’t recall one bad thing. Then it happen, the heating pad stopped working. The staff tried a number of things but nothing worked. Finally they found a replacement unit which is now trying to catch up with bringing the pain level down.

Overall it was a good day, I walked three times the distance that was set as my lower limit, only to mention one item. My discharge date is set for Friday, a date that I don’t want to change.

That is it for today, it was another interesting day, starting with a great breakfast, having a shower, and dealing with constipation. What is left to do is fixing the right shoulder. Finally, looking forward to a good night sleepy.

One thought on “2017-05-20 Recovery Day 75

  1. Klaus,

    Keeping up with your daily progress is encouraging. What an excellent wife you have. I’m grateful Dianne is such a blessing to you. She makes all the difference in the world. We’ll pray your discharge comes on Friday as planned.

    All the best,


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