2017-05-21 Recovery Day 76

Today’s good news, is that I had a secret visitor. My daughter Denise came with my wife to spend a few hours entertaining me. Mind you, her real reason is that there is an IKEA on the way home. We all together walked for about 300 yards, if not more. I also was able with the help of Dianne to shave. Last but not least I also was able to visit the toilet eliminating for now any fear of constipation.

As to the bad news for today, It seems it is harder and harder to find any. Mind you, my daily schedule leaves me little time to connect with some of my family members outside the USA. Guess we will have to wait until I am back home to FaceTime with my relatives at a more confident time.

For most of the afternoon I rested in the position I found yesterday that helps my right shoulder. I was lucky in that the heating unit work all day, not like yesterday when we needed to find a replacement be cause the first unit did not last very long.

Let’s see how well heat does as I will leave the heat on all night. Maybe it is the answer we are looking for.
That is it for today, it was another interesting day, starting with a surprise visitor, and going for a very, very long walk. What is left to do is fixing the right shoulder.