2017-05-22 Recovery Day 77

Today’s good news turned quickly to bad news. I woke up with the pain in my right shoulder almost gone. With that in mind I was looking forward to a good day of therapy. However, was I wrong. I had my first OT session at 9:30 which was to sit on the edge of the bed and use a special tool to put on my socks. No problem getting to sit on the edge of the bed, but pulling on the string of the special device to get the sock on to my foot, ended quickly because of the pain that shot up on all of my right side of my shoulder.

The outcome of today’s first OT exercise was to stop OT for now and wait to see what PT can do this afternoon. For the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon I rested waiting for the PT therapist. At 3:30 the PT therapist and in-house case Doctor showed up. After getting the details from this morning’s OT session and checking the shoulder it was decided to use ultra-sound on the shoulder. After the ultra-sound we used a gel ice pack on the pain location. We will see tomorrow morning what the result is from this treatment.

Today we also started session one of cycle three of my chemo treatment. Not much to report about it as it is the same as the sessions.

After dinner time my local cancer center Doctor came by to see how thing are. She was concentrating on my shoulder and decided to order an X-ray to see if it was muscular or something else. Her point is, if it is muscular then it needs time to rest in order to hell. Doing physical exercises don’t help with the heeling, they may even do more damage. We will know more tomorrow.

That is it for today, another interesting day, hopefully tomorrow we will know more about the shoulder pain.