2017-05-23 Recovery Day 78

Today’s good news took some time to show up. Most of the day was used to talk about what is it with that shoulder? Some of the option were just to academic, such as “no brain, no pain”.

So what is the good news? It took some X-rays of the shoulder to determine that there is no bone being attached by the cancer, nor are there any breaks or tears. The concussion is that the pain is muscular and a possible chemo side effect. Now that we all know what it is, we will start tomorrow with resuming our PT and OT therapy addressing the muscular side of pain.

As to the bad news for today, there was none. Yes, we did not progress with the treatment, but we did finally take an X-ray to determine the cause of the shoulder pain.

The day was not a total waste as I learned something about pain watching the lecture Is it all just in your mind? by Professor Lorimer Moseley – University of South Australia. Check out this video on YouTube:
https://youtu.be/-3NmTE-fJSo. Let me know what you think about his take on pain.

That is it for today, another Very interesting day, hopefully tomorrow we will all be on the same page so that we can move forward together.