2017-05-26 Recovery Day 81

Today’s good news is that I am back home!

The drive home was a bit rough thanks to California not maintaining their main freeways. I am sure I felt every pothole along the way. Lucky for us, Dianne pick me up after the rush hour traffic was over, eliminating the stop and go traffic. Once home, I retired to our Tempur-Pedic bed, which turns out is more comfortable then the hospital bed. Both allow the head and foot part to be moved up and down, however, the Tempur-Pedic material is so much better as it forms around the body.

As to the bad news for today, there really was none, unless we count the bumpy road ride. Overall today was a good day. Yes, there was some concern about going home, will my home environment be safe and provide the support I had at the hospital. I already mention the bed, in addition a washroom with the required equipment is on the same floor. For the next 4 days, there is no need for me to walk down any stairs. What I need Now is to relax to allow my back to heal so that I can continue my chemo treatment.

That is it for today, not just another day, but a eventful day, that started with waking up at the hospital and going to sleep at home. In between those two events, I adjusted to the fact that from now on I no longer have the support provided by the hospital, but that of my family. Together we will make it happen, providing the support needed for my back (spine) and cancer to heal.

3 thoughts on “2017-05-26 Recovery Day 81

  1. Klaus,
    It’s just great that you’re home, as you had planned. I was in the hospital several times for my leg last year, and there was nothing like getting back home. I’m sure Dianne’s expert care will do you great!

    All the best,


    1. Paul, you are correct, there is nothing like being home. As to the care, I would not know what to do without Dianne. She has been the guarding rock so far and I am sure she will continue to do so.

  2. Klaus,

    It’s great to see you were able to go home. Don’t forget to take it easy so you can stay there. Have a great restful weekend.


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