2017-05-27 Recovery Day 82

Today’s good news, is that I did not encountered any unforeseen scenarios. The day turned out to deal with known, previously encountered situation. Some were encountered during my hospital stays in Antioch and Oakland. Bottom-line, my stay at home is not much different from staying at the hospital. To be clear, I am talking about the medical side.

I was able to schedule my medication intake to match that of the hospital schedule. I did my physical activities at an increased schedule as suggested by the PT. Also, no issues getting dressed nor performing my morning activities which include teeth cleaning, shaving, etc.

My physical activities for today were, all the onces mention above, plus walking stairs, 14 steps, walking in front of the house and talking to the neighbors, walking to the back of the house and sitting in a modified chair. I had my lunch in the chair. Overall I spend 2 1/2 hours downstairs before walking the 14 steps back up to rest in my modified bed.

As to my pain levels, they are almost identical to that in the hospital, between 7 and 8, even the pain locations are a match.

That is it for today, my first complete day at home. It turned out better then expected. Looking forward to tomorrow to see if there are further improvements possible.