2017-05-29 Recovery Day 84

Another day with no good news. The day is very similar to yesterday, trying to find the sweet spot where the pain level is acceptable and can be reduced through controlled breathing technique. If done correctly it should put me in a relaxed stage that can include dozing off. I did find a spot that caused me to doze off a few times, but overall the position is not comfortable enough for spending the night sleeping in it.

Part of today was spend to figure out my daily schedule for the rest of the week. Because today is a holiday, my Monday and Tuesday chemo treatments have been pushed to Tuesday and Wednesday. Since they are in the afternoon, my schedule has been adjusted for it. Besides figuring out my schedule, I am still working on finding my sweet spots for resting and sleeping.

I am very close to having found the sweet spot for my day rest position which is in my bed. It allows me to watch TV, use my iPad and rest (sleep or doze off). I am also able to walk and perform activities which include brushing my teeth, shave, shower and use the toilet. I can also leave the bed and sit in a chair for up to an hour.

As to the bad news for today, Eintract Braunschweig lost against VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga Play-Offs – Promotion/Relegation Play-Off game. The result, both teams remain in the league they are currently in, Wolfsburg stays in the Bundesliga and Braunschweig stays in the 2nd Bundesliga.

This is it for today, it will be a different day tomorrow, instead of being home all day, I will spend the afternoon at the cancer treatment center getting my chemo infusion. Full report in tomorrow’s posting.