2017-05-30 Recovery Day 85

Today’s good news is that I had a good day!!! It started with waking up from a good sleep. Doing my morning’s activities, brushing teeth, etc. with no pain increase. This was followed by a good breakfast and a rest period to get ready for my afternoon chemo session.

As to the bad news for today, there was none.

My chemo afternoon starts after lunch with a rest period to lower my pain level for the car ride. Once at the cancer center the treatment itself is about 2 hours. Back home I rest until dinner and afterwards I go back upstairs, doing my evening activities, brushing teeth, changing into my evening clothing getting ready for the night.

This is it for today, tomorrow will be similar as I will have another chemo session. Full report in tomorrow’s posting..

One thought on “2017-05-30 Recovery Day 85

  1. Klaus,

    It’s good to see your getting control of the pain and had a good day for a change. Take care and don’t push it too fast.


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