2017-05-31 Recovery Day 86

Today’s good news is that we are all most done with cycle 3. Today was the second IV chemo treatment. What is left is the nightly Revlimid medication until Sunday. Next week is the resting week before starting the next cycle on the 12th June.

As to the bad news for today, for some reason the pain level increased after breakfast with the breakthrough medication and ice pack not having any effect. After my lunch medication, which included the breakthrough medication and ice pack, the pain level stayed around an eight (8). Since I needed to get ready for my chemo treatment I decided to start using my own Meditation process and got the pain level down to an acceptable six (6).

The chemo session itself was no problem. Based on the blood work results, we will go for a 4th cycle to get the IgA protein level down to normal (below 400), which is a requirement for the stem cell transplant, and a sign that the cancer is in remission. BTW, I am told that my respond to the treatment is excellent, way above normal. My IgA number was around 7400 before the start of treatment. At the end of cycle one it was down to around 4200, after cycle two it was 1475, and today’s result was 1076. The doctor is confident that after cycle four it will be below 400.

This is it for today, starting tomorrow we will be in semi resting mode, only taking what is left of the nightly Revlimid medication until Sunday.