2017-06-30 Recovery Day 116

Today’s pain, is a repeat of the last two days yesterday, it is the shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain and a bit of upper leg/buttock pain at a PL5 level. It does not last that long as I can walk it off. This morning I am upstairs resting in preparation for the visit of my Premonus’ co-workers for lunch. Every hour I get up and walk around for a few minutes. Sometimes instead of walking I do some house cleaning. Since falling ill my office became a storage room, it is time to review what belongs and what does not. To ensure that I don’t hurt my back, I only touch stuff that does not require me to twist and/or bend my upper body. I am also limited to lifting things that are less then 10lbs.

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2017-06-29 Recovery Day 115

Today’s pain, like yesterday, is mainly the Shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. I said mainly because once in awhile, a bit of upper leg/buttock pain shows up at a PL5 level. It does not last that long as I can walk it off. The plan for today was to rest as much as possible so that I can attend the Docent Appreciation Dinner @ the East Bay Regional Park District – Big Break Regional Shoreline. This was my first trip, other than going to the cancer center, since being informed about having cancer.

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2017-06-28 Recovery Day 114

Today is almost a repeat of yesterday, instead of the chemo session I spend 2 1/2 hours with my Health Insurance agent setting up my online Medicare and Gap Insurance accounts. The issue is again my first name with that funny extra character in the middle of it. After a number of phone calls it is all done. The next step is to review the submitted claims against what my payments are. That’s for another day next week. Regarding my pain, like yesterday the only pain is the Shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain level had increased to a 7 during the work with my insurance broker.

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2017-06-27 Recovery Day 113

Today is the 2nd Kyprolis IV treatment for cycle 4 week 3, next week will be my off (rest) week. Waking up this morning I had no pain anywhere. That changed a bit after getting up and ready for going downstairs, the back pain, Shoulder-back-shoulder, became noticeable. BTW, this is what I call surgery pain, because it is where all the metal, etc., is located and it is not as much as a pain but more of a discomfort and is present all day. Resting and sleep will reduce it more than any ice pack.

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2017-06-26 Recovery Day 112

Since today is Monday, we are starting 3rd treatment week of cycle 4. But before doing so in the afternoon, I started after getting up with Breakfast. Shortly after breakfast I started not feeling good, I could not put my finger on the cause. I check my temperature, it was not a fever. I decided to go upstairs to get some rest hoping it would help before the Home Care Nurse visit.

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2017-06-25 Recovery Day 111

Today is so much better then yesterday, had a good breakfast, which always helps. About an hour after breakfast my shoulder-back-shoulder pain showed up at a PL6. The good news it stayed there for the day. However, an hour later the top of my left and right leg broke through at a PL6 where it stayed for the day even with ice. At the same time, pain developed in my left foot. To be exact the location is the top where the foot and leg meet. It started with a PL6, but quickly got to a PL8 where it stayed with the help of Ice.

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2017-06-24 Recovery Day 110

Today started of well. I went downstairs to enjoy Breakfast, which was strawberry/rhubarb jam on a pretzel bun. A bit later the rest came downstairs to make their Breakfast. We chatted a bit about what they did last night and what they have planned for today. Around 8:00 my shoulder-back-shoulder and the top of the left leg became noticeable with pain. By 9:00 the pain reach a level that forced me to go upstairs to rest with ice packs. By then the top of my right leg also started to pain.

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2017-06-23 Recovery Day 109

Temperature wise we are finally in the downturn phase of cooling down 10F to a high of 98F. The plan for today is to continue keeping the pain log up-to-date. Like yesterday, I also decided to stay downstairs after breakfast since the upstairs was still under a heat attack. With Renée, Dieter and Carsten have arrived late last night for a visit, I hope that my plan to stay downstairs where the Air Condition is, will keep things cool, and my pain under control.

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2017-06-22 Recovery Day 108

Temperature wise we had another repeat of the last 3 days. The plan for today was to continue keeping the pain log up-to-date. I also decided to stay downstairs after breakfast since the upstairs was under a heat attack. Because of the night temperature not going below 85F, nothing cooled down. With Dieter and Carsten coming for a visit, I want my pain to be as much as possible under control. The only way to do so is to stay downstairs where the Air Condition is able to keep it cool.

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