2017-06-01 Recovery Day 87

Today’s good news is about home health care. I had a visit from their PT and nurse doing evaluations of my current situation/condition in order to determine what care I need for the next 2 weeks. They were very much impressed with my current condition and both agreed that I did not need their services. All around very good news.

The morning was productive for me from two points. The first looking after my bills and other banking related activities. The second, catching up with talking to my friends using FaceTime or Skype. The surgery caused for this activity to be suspended, it is now time to start it back up, one at a time.

The afternoon was spend with the home health care personal determine my need for their services. As mention above it turned out that I did not need their services. Their evaluations did take some time, specially since they needed to document the reasons for not needing their services.

As to the bad news for today, again no bad news, the day was very productive for me. Yes, the pain is still there, but it is manageable and acceptable.

This is it for today, tomorrow my recliner is scheduled to be delivered. I am looking forward to it as it will allow me to spend more time downstairs. More on that after it is here and I had time to use it.