2017-06-05 Recovery Day 91

Today’s good news, is that the early morning turned out very good. I was able to do some FaceTime sessions with Paul and Ray before spending some time on banking and document sorting. However that were the good ended and the bad started. I hoped that the bad (pain) would pass in time for me to go downstairs after lunch, but no such luck.

As to the bad news for today, as mention the good was cut short with pain surfacing that was hard to control. The pain was the result of getting up and walking around in the morning, something Rehap and my doctor encouraged me to do. I guess I will need to find out what my limits are so that I don’t end up with pain each time I walk around.

After lunch I continue to tried to get the pain under control, but today my approach did not work. What I normally do is to concentrate on a single sound, such heart beat. Today that did not work. At 3:00 PM I decided to try something different, I assumed the sleeping position and turned on music on my iPhone at a very low level. IT WORKED! By 4:00 PM I had the pain under control.

Since Dianne came home a bit later I went downstairs for the rest of the afternoon and early evening. I had dinner as well before going back upstairs.

This is it for today, I just have enough energy to keep the pain under control. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.