2017-06-06 Recovery Day 92

Today’s good news, had a good night sleep waking up to almost no pain larger then level 5. After my morning activities including breakfast I went downstairs around 8:00 PDT for my 10:00 PDT appointment with the Home Care Nurse. To bridge the time I had a FaceTime session with my friend Ray in Brussels for almost an hour. The visit by the Home Care Nurse went off without hitch. She was done by 11:30 PDT, she will come again next week, same date and time.

Since it was almost lunch, I stayed downstairs waiting for Dianne, who arrived at 12:00 noon to prepare lunch and got me back upstairs to rest for a few hours so that I can be back downstairs for dinner like yesterday.

As to the bad news for today, there was only one, my surgery pain, center top back, would not go below level 6 after lunch. I used an ice pack to keep it in check as I did not wanted to use any breakthrough Medication.

I did go back downstairs after Dianne got back home for the rest of the afternoon and early evening. I had dinner as well as watching some TV before going back upstairs. As to my surgery back pain, it just did not wanted to go below level 6 making it a bit hard to concentrate. I could have gone upstairs right after dinner to use my meditation technic to get the pain level below 5, but instead I stayed downstairs tolerating it which actually got the level down to a 5 which is a acceptable level for awhile.

This is it for today, like yesterday I just have enough energy to keep the pain under control. Since yesterday’s hope for tomorrow be a better day, did only partially work out, I will just go with what every turns up tomorrow.