2017-06-09 Recovery Day 95

The good news for today is that the swallowing problem seems to have resolved itself. I spend the early morning resting since my FT buddies were busy with other stuff. However I did catch Paul and Ray later. Ray reminded me that this weekend is World Cup Qualifying, just in time to watch the ending of France against Sweden. Sweden scored a hell of a goal all the way from the center line thanks to an error by the goalkeeper. Later in the afternoon I watch the US beating Trinidad & Tobago 2:0. Tomorrow we have more games, such as England against Scotland and Germany vs San Marino.

As to the bad news for today, there was none. So let talk instead about the good. Dianne took me on a short shopping trip, our local grocery store, I wanted some German Bratwurst and bread and butter pickles, in addition to what ever Dianne wanted. We spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing watching some TV.

This is it for today, I just don’t have the energy to do anything else today. This is supposed to be my rest week, let’s try to do just that for the last 2 days.