2017-06-13 Recovery Day 99

Today’s good news … Like I wrote yesterday, it is getting harder and harder to single out what is good and what is bad. So let me try to list the good things instead of just one that somehow is on top. As to the bad news, I will skip that unless there is some very, very bad, you will no longer see bad news. Now, if you have followed my postings in the past, you will conclude I am returning to posting in a more common general way.

The morning started of with my FaceTime call to Ray. However, before calling him I got a FT call from my cousin in Germany. We have not been able to connect over the last 2 1/2 weeks. Just as we started, Ray called, after some switching callers, we agreed to let me talk to my cousins and call Ray afterwards. It all turned out very well.

Ray also let me know that there is a International Friendly soccer game scheduled to start at 12:00 and end in time for Dianne to pick me up for my Chemo session. BTW, the game was between England and France. It was a good game which France won 3:2. Ray, Thanks for the info!

About 45 minutes before Dianne would come to pick me up for my Chemo treatment, Joe FaceTime me. We had not FT for some time. Guess today was the day were I reconnect with some of my family friends. It was great catching up. It helped me forget the pain for awhile.

The Chemo session went well, guess by now we should have all the kinks out. My blood results were excellent, showing that the treatment is working. We shall know more when this treatment cycle is over at the end of June. Until then there are other tests as required by UCSF in preparation for the stem cell transplant.

Standard ending, that’s it for today, I will now enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch a good movie as part of my evening rest period before going to bed.