2017-06-14 Recovery Day 100

Today I change things up a bit. Instead of staying upstairs until about 11:00 before going downstairs, I went downstairs at around 8:00. I started with my banking and bill payments. Around 10:00 I called Ray for our daily FaceTime session. Today Ray had to cut it short, which was OK as it allowed me to call my Great Grand daughter. She just moved from San Antonio to Aurora in the Denver area. Last Sunday we talked a bit via FT and agreed that we should do this more often.

After lunch I rested downstairs to get ready for my Pulmonary Function Test at the Hospital. PFT is a complete evaluation of the respiratory system. The primary purpose of pulmonary function testing is to identify the severity of pulmonary impairment. The test is one of many required by UCSF as part of the preparation for the Stem Cell Transfer.

For what ever reason, my pain level did not go down after lunch, which may be because I changed my routine by not staying upstairs resting until lunch time. I decided not to cancel my PET appointment hoping that the pain level would drop because of my pain medication I was still to take before the test. As it turned I was wrong, but with the help of some ice packs and support from Dianne I made through the test. The first feedback I got about the test is that it looked good, no major issues were found.

Getting back home, I rested outside in our backyard until dinner was ready. The fresh air did me good as my pain level started to drop. Interesting how things within your body work. The last two days have been very different but somewhat in a good way as I start feeling better and better which each day.

Standard ending, that’s it for today, I will now enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch a good movie as part of my evening rest period before going to bed.