2017-06-16 Recovery Day 102

Today did not start as planned. My 8:00 appointment with the surgeon was cancelled without letting us know. At least the Home Care Nurse kept the appointment. Her visit was routine, checking my vitals and movement progress. As it turns out everything is within the ranges it should be. After she left I rested to get ready for the lunch with the guys. In case you forgot, the guys are Bill, Greg and Larry, co-workers from the days at Premenos’.

We had a good long lunch, talking about lots of things, especially since lots has had happen since our last lunch together, such as the guys moving to a new office. We will be doing it again on a regular schedule, every Thursday. I am looking forward to start continuing our tradition to have a weekly lunch together. Just before the guys were ready to leave, Denise got home, joining the end of our conversation.

After the guys left, I stayed downstairs, resting in my special recliner until Dianne came home. However, she and Denise went back out to do some grocery shopping, I took that opportunity to go back upstairs for some more rest. The guys’ visit took a bit more energy than I originally anticipated, requiring me to rest some more, so that I can enjoy dinner.

Standard ending, that’s it for today, I know a rather silly ending, but until some new and/or exciting has happen, I will stay with this ending. I will now enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch a good movie as part of my evening rest period before going to bed.