2017-06-17 Recovery Day 103

Today started of great. We watched an episode of Iron Fist that we did not finished last night. After that, we got up and went downstairs for breakfast, I even helped a bit. Since today will be a hot day, about 100F, 38C, Dianne and I decided to do our morning walk very early at 7 o’clock. Returning from our walk, we found Denise downstairs, ready for us some house cleaning. My part was to stay out of their way, which was OK with me. Around 9:00 Dianne and Denise left to go Grocery shopping and I retuned to my recliner to get some rest.

As it turns out, my rest period did not last long. It was interrupted by a sudden pain attack in my left upper leg. At first I was unable to stand on it at first, but after a few careful steps the pain decreased slowly allowing me to walk. As the day progressed things got worse, when ever I got up the pain appeared, lasting longer. At one point, both of my upper legs were in pain. I ended up in a cycle that consisted of resting, getting up and dealing with the pain, doing what I got up for, returning to rest.

What is interesting about the pain is that it only exist when getting up to walk. The pain medication has no effect on it. Ice pack has no effect on it. Dianne tried as the last resort a heat pack, which seems to help somewhat in suppressing the pain when getting up to walk. However, it does not last long.

Standard ending, that’s it for today. There is not much more to write about, other than to hope that tomorrow will be a better day.