2017-06-18 Recovery Day 104

Today’s posting will be very short. Today was a very bad day. Starting in the morning with the pain in both of my upper legs. Same as yesterday the pain appears when getting up to walk. However, compared to yesterday the pain was more severe and would not go away with walking a bit. Add that I also now have to deal with extreme constipation, and you get an idea how my day went.

Since today was a extreme hot day, 106F (41C), I stayed downstairs to escape the heat in our upstairs bedrooms. However, as much as I love my recliner chair, it is not designed to spend a whole day in it, so around 3:00PM I gave in and retired to upstairs. It turned out it was not as hot 86F (30C) in my room as I first thought. I stayed upstairs for the rest of the day, dozing off and on for most of the time.

That’s it for today. There is not much more to write about, other than to hope that tomorrow will be a better day.