2017-06-19 Recovery Day 105

Today will be another hot day. Yesterday’s high was 106.5F (41.4C) and a low of 80.2F (26.8C). The low did not help cooling things down during the night as the inside temperature’ s low stayed around 84.5F (29.2C). Today will be similar, 104F(40.0) for the high.

Enough of the high temperatures, what about the leg pain? Getting up this morning revealed just a touch of pain in both legs. What a difference compared to yesterday which prevented me from walking.

Not to take a chance of aggravating the leg pain, I stayed upstairs most of the morning, watching Germany beat Australia 3:2. I finally got up and wend downstairs to make my lunch. My leg pain are gone, all I have is my back pain, that I had iced down during the morning. However, as I moved around downstairs the back pain increased. Normally my Fentanyl Patch and regular dosages of Dilaudid every 3 hours takes care of the back pain, not today. To ensure that I am able to go to my chemo session this afternoon I wend upstairs to rest.

Since today is Monday, we are starting 2nd treatment week of cycle 4 which starts with taking my 10 pills of Dexamethasone in the morning. This is followed in the afternoon with my Kyprolis IV treatment at the local cancer center, and in the evening with my Revlimid pill. Today’s Kyprolis IV treatment went with no problems.

Today’ chemo session for no particular reason took a bit longer resulting in us getting home right at dinner dime.

Standard ending, that’s it for today, I will now enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch a good movie before having a shower and going to bed.