2017-06-20 Recovery Day 106

Yesterday was a hot day, which made it difficult to cool down the bedrooms since the night temperature did not drop not drop much. The side effect was that I did not get to sleep around 11:00 PM. As to the leg pain, there was no evidence of it. All I had was a bit of back pain, which is normal for the last few weeks. I lower it during the day with an ice pack, which keeps it in check.

This morning I got up and joined Dianne for Breakfast before she left for work. I stayed downstairs keeping Denise company as she got ready to go for work. By that time it was time to go upstairs to rest and ice down my back pain. I did have my FT session with Ray as well as a Telegram (Text App) session with Greg. I tried a few other family members but no luck this morning.

For lunch I went downstairs and stayed there to get rested and ready for my 2nd Kyprolis IV treatment. However my back pain surfaced again and the pain level of 9 did not want to go lower, even with taking 8mg of Dilaudid every 3 hours and using Ice Backs.

Today’s Kyprolis IV treatment went with no problems, except dealing with the back pain. I took a 4mg breakthrough pill and with the ice back I was able get through it. Getting home it was time for my 8mg dose which help brought the pain down for me to enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch some TV.

Standard ending, that’s it for today, after having watch an episode of Luke Cage downstairs I went upstairs to watch some regular TV in bed before going to sleep.