2017-06-21 Recovery Day 107

Temperature wise we had today a repeat of yesterday day 106. The plan for today was to keep a pain log to figure out what triggered what. I also decided to stay upstairs until lunch to keep the pain level in check. I woke up without any noticeable pain. Having breakfast in bed, taking my 6:00 o’clock Dilaudid and Ice Pack did not change the pain level (PL). The first increase in PL came after 7:00 while resting. It was an increase in my shoulder-back-shoulder pain (PL6). It stayed that way until noon (12:00).

From 10:00 to 12:00 I continued resting and using FaceTime and some Internet searches. I had my regular FT call with Ray and used Skype with my uncle Don. Normally we use FT, but because of his slow internet connection we tried Skype as an alternative as it performs a bit better at that bandwidth limit.

At 12:00 I walk downstairs meeting Dianne for lunch. Going downstairs increased the PL to 8. Retiring in my recliner, putting an ice pack on pain location and taking my next scheduled Dilaudid, decrease the shoulder-back-shoulder PL to 7 by 12:45. However by 13:20 (1:20 PM) the PL was backup to an 8. I decided to go back upstairs and rest there as it is more comfortable.

I should note that I was able to add Larry, my co-worker from the Premonus’ days to my FT buddies. We had a short FT call before lunch was ready.

Getting upstairs the PL shoot up to 10 due to walking up the stairs. I immediately laid down to rest with ice pack on pain location. By 15:00 (3:00 PM) the PL was down to a 7 and stayed on that level until 17:00 (5:00 PM).

At 17:00 (5:00 PM) I went downstairs for dinner and watching TV. Taking my scheduled Dilaudid and using an ice pack I got the PL down to 6.

Standard modified ending, that’s it for today, after having watch an episode of Luke Cage downstairs, at 19:00 (7:00 PM) I went back upstairs for a shower before watching some more regular TV before going to sleep. The PL increased during the shower to about 9 but by 21:00 (9:00 PM) it was down to 6, acceptable to go to sleep.