2017-06-22 Recovery Day 108

Temperature wise we had another repeat of the last 3 days. The plan for today was to continue keeping the pain log up-to-date. I also decided to stay downstairs after breakfast since the upstairs was under a heat attack. Because of the night temperature not going below 85F, nothing cooled down. With Dieter and Carsten coming for a visit, I want my pain to be as much as possible under control. The only way to do so is to stay downstairs where the Air Condition is able to keep it cool.

I woke up without any noticeable pain. I went downstairs for breakfast, taking my 6:00 o’clock Dilaudid and Ice Pack without any noticeable change the pain level (PL). The first increase in PL came after 7:00 while resting. It was an pain on top of my right and left legs at a PL of 6. Using Ice Packs kept the pain in check.
Around 8:00 the shoulder-back-shoulder pain surfaced at a PL6 and stayed that way with an Ice Pack until noon (12:00). The same was true for the leg pain.

I spend the afternoon downstairs, enjoying lunch with JT and Larry. Afterwards I watch Germany play Chile, part of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, with JT. The game ended 1:1. After the game JT and I chatted about a lot of stuff since we have not seen each other for some time. We noticed the outside temperature hit 107.8F (42.1C). Regarding my pain levels, they stayed at 6, which is a acceptable level.

Standard ending, that’s it for today, after having watched another episode of Luke Cage downstairs, at 19:00 (7:00 PM) I went back upstairs watching some more regular TV before going to sleep. The PL increased walking up the stairs but by 21:00 (9:00 PM) they were back down to 6, acceptable to go to sleep.