2017-06-23 Recovery Day 109

Temperature wise we are finally in the downturn phase of cooling down 10F to a high of 98F. The plan for today is to continue keeping the pain log up-to-date. Like yesterday, I also decided to stay downstairs after breakfast since the upstairs was still under a heat attack. With Renée, Dieter and Carsten have arrived late last night for a visit, I hope that my plan to stay downstairs where the Air Condition is, will keep things cool, and my pain under control.

My plan seemed to work since my pain level was not noticeable during Breakfast and increased only slightly to a 6 afterwards. At 09:30 I moved to the outside, our Backyard, for resting a it more with fresh air. Again, there was no change in Pain Levels. At 09:50 I received a FaceTime call from Ray which lasted until 10:11.

My pain level increased by 10:20 to a PL7, which was a sign to returned back inside, to the recliner to rest with Ice Packs in place.

By 11:00 the PL was back at acceptable level of 6, staying that way until after my visit at the Spine Surgeon’s office. By the time I got back home, at 13:55, the PL was up to a 7. I retired upstairs to rest and get the PL back down. By 15:00 the PL was a 6 and an hour later we got a PL of 5.

At 17:00 I moved downstairs getting ready for Pizza time and watching TV. The PL stayed unchanged at a level of 5. That’s it for today, after having watched some TV downstairs, at 19:00 (7:00 PM) I went back upstairs watching some more regular TV before going to sleep.