2017-06-24 Recovery Day 110

Today started of well. I went downstairs to enjoy Breakfast, which was strawberry/rhubarb jam on a pretzel bun. A bit later the rest came downstairs to make their Breakfast. We chatted a bit about what they did last night and what they have planned for today. Around 8:00 my shoulder-back-shoulder and the top of the left leg became noticeable with pain. By 9:00 the pain reach a level that forced me to go upstairs to rest with ice packs. By then the top of my right leg also started to pain.

After getting upstairs I was able to keep the shoulder-back-shoulder and leg pain under control to about 12:00 at which time I ran into another problem, dealing with constipation. I am not going to go into the details, other then it lasted until 17:00 (5:00 PM). This ordeal took all my energy out of me, I therefore stayed upstairs for the rest of the day. The resting did good as it allowed me to write this posting just before I retired to get some sleep.