2017-06-25 Recovery Day 111

Today is so much better then yesterday, had a good breakfast, which always helps. About an hour after breakfast my shoulder-back-shoulder pain showed up at a PL6. The good news it stayed there for the day. However, an hour later the top of my left and right leg broke through at a PL6 where it stayed for the day even with ice. At the same time, pain developed in my left foot. To be exact the location is the top where the foot and leg meet. It started with a PL6, but quickly got to a PL8 where it stayed with the help of Ice.

The pain in my foot prevented me from walking around without my walker and forced me for most of the day to rest. It will be a topic that needs to be address tomorrow when going to the cancer center. Sadly because of the leg and foot pain there is not much I was able to do, except for writing this down. I spend most of my day downstairs, using my recliner to rest. Every hour I got up and walked around to check on my pain and mobility.

After dinner I retired to upstairs for the rest of the day/evening. The good news, the resting kept the pain level low, the bad news, we have to figure out why the pain is suddenly in these new location. Hopefully we will get some answers tomorrow when at the cancer center. That’s it for today, I went upstairs watching some more regular TV before going to sleep.