2017-06-26 Recovery Day 112

Since today is Monday, we are starting 3rd treatment week of cycle 4. But before doing so in the afternoon, I started after getting up with Breakfast. Shortly after breakfast I started not feeling good, I could not put my finger on the cause. I check my temperature, it was not a fever. I decided to go upstairs to get some rest hoping it would help before the Home Care Nurse visit.

The rest helped getting me ready for Home Care Nurse. She checked me out and found nothing. Next week will be her final visit. Since my Shoulder-back-shoulder, top of my legs and left foot pain level were still there at a PL between 6 and 7, I went back upstairs. My hope was that rest would lower, or at least not increase, the pain levels. It helped for the leg and foot pain, but not the back pain.

Following The Home Care Nurse’s advise, I got up every hour to walk around for a few minutes. This increased the leg and foot level by 1, but the rest lowered it back to the rest level.

Since today is Monday, we are starting 3rd, and last, treatment week of cycle 4. The blood work results were very positive, showing the progress is continuing. If it were not for the painful side effect after the two chemo days.

Talking about side effects, it is suggested that the leg pain maybe a side effect of the Zometa injection. Zometa is used with cancer chemotherapy to treat bone problems that may occur with multiple myeloma and other types of cancer that have spread to the bones. Known side effects are muscle spasms, severe joint, bone, or muscle pain; new or unusual pain in your hip, thigh or groin. I got my last Zometa injection on June 20. I receive it every 28 days.

That’s it for today, I will now enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch an episode or two of Luke Cage before going to bed.