2017-06-27 Recovery Day 113

Today is the 2nd Kyprolis IV treatment for cycle 4 week 3, next week will be my off (rest) week. Waking up this morning I had no pain anywhere. That changed a bit after getting up and ready for going downstairs, the back pain, Shoulder-back-shoulder, became noticeable. BTW, this is what I call surgery pain, because it is where all the metal, etc., is located and it is not as much as a pain but more of a discomfort and is present all day. Resting and sleep will reduce it more than any ice pack.

After breakfast I went upstairs for rest, but did get up every hour to walk for a few minutes. No chemo related pain surfaced today. I had my FT session with Ray. We talked about my leg pain maybe a side effect of the Zometa infusion, but after reviewing the data from my posting concluded it is not the Zometa. All we came up with is that every 3rd day after the chemo infusion I have them. We will have to review the side effects of the chemo medication to see if there is any mention of known side effects are muscle spasms, severe joint, bone, or muscle pain; new or unusual pain in your hip, thigh or groin.

For lunch I went downstairs prepared my lunch and went back upstairs, enjoying my lunch and started doing some file cleanup. It was also time to get ready for my chemo session. Dianne and picked me up at 2:30 to take me to the cancer center. Today’s Kyprolis IV treatment went with no problems. Getting home I did same walking around to fix the fountain timer and inside sort same paper work that caused my Shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain level had increased to a 7. I therefore went upstairs to rest until dinner was ready downstairs.

That’s it for today, I will now go downstairs to enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch the last two episodes of Luke Cage before going to bed.