2017-06-28 Recovery Day 114

Today is almost a repeat of yesterday, instead of the chemo session I spend 2 1/2 hours with my Health Insurance agent setting up my online Medicare and Gap Insurance accounts. The issue is again my first name with that funny extra character in the middle of it. After a number of phone calls it is all done. The next step is to review the submitted claims against what my payments are. That’s for another day next week. Regarding my pain, like yesterday the only pain is the Shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain level had increased to a 7 during the work with my insurance broker.

Like yesterday after breakfast I went upstairs for rest, but did get up every hour to walk for a few minutes. No chemo related pain surfaced all day. I had my first FT session with Paul. We had not talked for awhile, so some catching up took place. After talking to Paul, I talked with Ray. We talked about to keep a close tap on any possible leg pain that my show up this week in order to identify any link to one of the chemo drugs.

After my FT calls, there was some time before my Health Insurance agent would arrive, so I watched the first half of the FIFA Confederations Cup semic-final, Portugal vs Chile. I already reported about the meeting with my agent. After he left I watched the rest of the Portugal/Chile game, which Chile won in the shootout. I continue staying upstairs resting since my surgery pain level was today very slowly recovering. I need the level to go down to a acceptable level to go downstairs later to enjoy my dinner.

That’s it for today, I will now go downstairs to enjoy my dinner and afterwards watch some TV before going to bed for a nice sleep because Thursday will be a special day.