2017-06-29 Recovery Day 115

Today’s pain, like yesterday, is mainly the Shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. I said mainly because once in awhile, a bit of upper leg/buttock pain shows up at a PL5 level. It does not last that long as I can walk it off. The plan for today was to rest as much as possible so that I can attend the Docent Appreciation Dinner @ the East Bay Regional Park District – Big Break Regional Shoreline. This was my first trip, other than going to the cancer center, since being informed about having cancer.

There is not much to write about for today, I did rest for most of the day until my departure to the dinner. I had my daily FT call with Ray and watched the FIFA Confederations Cup semic-final, Germany vs Mexico. Germany won 4:1 and will play Chile on Sunday in the final.

After the game and lunch, I watched some TV to get rested for the dinner. The dinner turned out great.
Dianne and I had a good time at the dinner. I lasted longer than I figured I would. The only pain I had during the dinner was my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. No sign of the upper leg/buttock pain. It was the surgery pain that was the reason for leaving before the end of the dinner.

That’s it for today, I will now go upstairs and watch some TV before going to bed for a nice sleep because today was a special day.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing you and your wife last night. Both of you are brave and have lots of determination. I admire both of you for your journey up to this point and for all of the good things ahead. Will stay in contact, and hope to see you soon. I like your site.

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