2017-06-30 Recovery Day 116

Today’s pain, is a repeat of the last two days yesterday, it is the shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain and a bit of upper leg/buttock pain at a PL5 level. It does not last that long as I can walk it off. This morning I am upstairs resting in preparation for the visit of my Premonus’ co-workers for lunch. Every hour I get up and walk around for a few minutes. Sometimes instead of walking I do some house cleaning. Since falling ill my office became a storage room, it is time to review what belongs and what does not. To ensure that I don’t hurt my back, I only touch stuff that does not require me to twist and/or bend my upper body. I am also limited to lifting things that are less then 10lbs.

Lunch with my Premonus’ co-workers (from 1990-2000) was great. Weather was not to hot yet, so we eat outside in our backyard. Bill, Greg and Larry have agreed to try getting together for lunch every Friday. In the past we would meet every Tuesday at Fuddruckers for lunch. I am very happy that they agreed to continue our tradition by visiting me at home.

After lunch I went back upstairs to recuperate as it was a bit much for my system. As to my pain, not much has changed, there is still the shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain, which needed some icing down after lunch, and the upper leg/buttock pain at a PL5 level. Before going back downstairs for dinner, I watched some TV to get rested.

That’s it for today, the time has come to go downstairs and enjoy dinner. Afterwards I will watch with Dianne and Denise some TV before going upstairs to bed for a nice sleep.