2017-07-01 Recovery Day 117

Since the end of my IV session on Tuesday, my pain waking up for the last 4 days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) has been the same for each day, shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain and a bit of upper leg/buttock pain. This morning I am upstairs resting in preparation for visiting the local super hardware store. The timer turning on our outdoor fountain needs replacing. We also have a wasps problem that needs to be addressed. All we need for now is the refills for our wasp trap.

Returning from our trip to the hardware store I setup the timer and refilled the wasp trap which Dianne hang up in our big tree. We got done just in time for lunch. All this moving around caused my shoulder-back-shoulder pain and upper leg/buttock pain to increase to a level that I had to rest in my recliner. However for some unknown reason, the leg pain did not decrease, but instead increased to a level that I had to use the walker to walk the pain off. The shoulder pain disappear thanks to the rest period.

Because of the leg pain not decreasing I had to stay downstairs until it was time to go upstairs for my Revlimid medication. That’s it for today, the time has come to go upstairs for my medication. Afterwards Dianne and I watch the movie “The Accountant”.