2017-07-02 Recovery Day 118

The trent is continuing, waking up with only the shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain and a bit of upper leg/buttock pain. This morning the plan was to sort through my wardrobe finding item that don’t fit me but are good enough for donating to any of our local charitable organizations. I did that; just in time to watch the FIFA Confederations Cup final, Germany vs Chile. Germany did it, not in their normal style, but who cares when you win in the end.

The afternoon was mainly used to rest with occasional 10-15 minute walks. Compared to the end of the last cycle, the pain locations and levels are improved. For starters, besides my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain, which is at an acceptable pain level, the only other pain I have for the last 5 days is the upper leg/buttock pain* which is kept in check with my breakthrough medication and walking. Overall, this is so far the best break period. I am looking forward for the next 7 days (off-week) continuing this pattern.

Thanks to the reduction in pain level and location I was able to help Dianne with preparing dinner. After that we watch some TV, but as it turned out, it was mostly talking about anything waiting for Denise to come home so that we can have supper.

That’s it for today, the time has come to enjoy the rest of the evening. Like every evening for the last few months we all watched some TV after supper. Today I went upstairs for my shower before going to bed.