2017-07-03 Recovery Day 119

The day started with the trent continuing with only the shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain and a bit of upper leg/buttock pain. It lasted that way through the visit of the Home Care Nurse, but shortly after things turned bad. It started with lightheadedness and stomach pain. Shortly after I had to vomit, all that came out was fluid that tasted very bitter. Next my throat felt like that there is something blocking it. But swallowing is not a problem indicating there is nothing stuck.

At lunch Alice came for a visit. Which turned out to be a blessing because her diagnoses was that it was the toxic stomach acid when I vomited that cause the soreness. She prepared a drink of hot water and honey, which help a bit. After Alice left I initiated my new MacBook that had arrived, but had to stop. For the rest of the afternoon I stayed upstairs to rest. The rest reduce the soreness a bit.

I went downstairs for dinner which I only eat half of because of the throat’s soreness. That’s it for today, the time has come to go back upstairs and rest in hope that my throat is not preventing me from findIng sleep.