2017-07-05 Recovery Day 121

I was hoping that today would be a good day continuing where we left of yesterday. I was wrong, very wrong. I woke up with no pain or discomfort like yesterday day. This changed a bit just after breakfast as lightheadedness started. It was not to bad so I called Paul via FaceTime to catch up we had not connected for awhile. I even started to do some more house cleaning, going thru some old documents, throwing out what no longer was needed. That’s when things started to change, my lightheadedness increased and my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain started again. I had to stop with my cleanup efforts.

I stayed downstairs and rested, but that did not do much good as my lightheadedness did not go away. I did go ahead with making me my lunch hoping that movement would help, but it did not. I continued to rest hoping that there would be some improvements since I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon at the cancer center followed by a PT evaluation at the local hospital.

As things turned out, I did make it to the cancer center for my blood work and did see the doctor. However we had to keep the appointment short as the pain and lightheadedness took over. Dianne had already cancelled the PT evaluation, so she took me home. The car ride somehow helped with reducing the lightheadedness. Once at home I wend upstairs to rest. Since most of this posting was already written I just added this paragraph before closing my eyes to rest. This is it for today, should some imported happen this evening or during the night I will include it in tomorrow’s posting.