2017-07-06 Recovery Day 122

Yesterday was a bad day, a very bad day. The good news I had a good night sleep. Waking up this morning there was a sign that we may have a repeat but as it turned out over the next 9 hours, things stated to improve. The main issues to deal with was the lightheadedness and queasy stomach. The solution was to review my medication regiment and make necessary adjustments. It seemed to work together with some walking every so often.

The day turned out to be not to bad. I had my daily FT call with Ray in the morning, reviewed my emails and did upstairs some house cleaning before lunch. I went downstairs preparing my lunch which I enjoyed outside in our backyard. It was still nice outside, a nice breeze helping to suppress the heat a bit. I lasted 1 1/2 hours outside, which included a long enjoyable FT session with my uncle in Canada. When the outside temperature reach 95F I went inside.

The rest of the day I rested, playing with my new MacBook. Actually it was not playing but setting it up. My goal is to only install the apps I really use. Looking at my MacMini’s application folder, there must be 2/3 of the apps that I don’t use anymore. Another tasks is to setup my files in such a way that any of my devices have access to. The good news is, I have now all the time to get this setup the way I want.

Back to my wellbeing, today was a semi good day. My shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain is still there, however in most cases I don’t need any ice bag any more. A sign that the wound is healing and soon there will be no pain. In the afternoon the other pain that causes discomfort was my leg pain, which comes and goes. Again, I can change, lower, the pain level by walking for a few minutes. As I said today was better day, I am looking forward to tomorrow hoping there will be another level of improvement.