2017-07-07 Recovery Day 123

Today was a not a bad day, except for the outside temperature that hit 107F (42C). But before we got there, I had to deal with lightheadedness after breakfast and my FaceTime session with Ray. The solution is to take yet another pill (Meclizine 25mg). After taken the medication the lightheadedness disappeared. In addition to the medication it is very important that I drink water, which I do.

After my call with Ray I went downstairs getting ready for the heatwave and the visit by Bill, Greg and Larry for lunch. I really enjoyed the lunch with my ex-coworkers from Premonus. I am very lucky that they agreed to do this every week. We reminiscing about the past as well as trying to solve the current world problems. Guess we are no different from others that like to get together and talk over lunch.

There is not much more to write about for today. I still have my my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain, but it gets better each week. What is left is my leg pain, which everyone tells me is a side effect from my medication. Time will tell if that is true.

That’s it for today, it was a good day, I am looking forward to tomorrow hoping it will be a day like today or better.