2017-07-08 Recovery Day 124

There is not much to write about today. For starters, the outside temperature was already 89F (32C) at 6:00 AM when I woke up. It rose to 105F (41C) by 15:00 and stayed there until about 16:00. The reason I bring up the temperature is that because of it my movement was rather restricted to staying inside and downstairs. Our house, like most in our neighborhood, is suffering from a design flaw, the AC does not cool the upstairs, specially in hot weather like today.

After breakfast I noticed that my leg pain was no going away as it has in the past. As it turns out the pain in both my upper leg/buttocks was so bad that it prevented me from walking. In the past the pain would go away after I walked about 50 ft, not today. Further, the pain in my left foot also returned, making it even more difficult to walk.

I tried every hour to walk using the walker, but no improvement. It was rather difficult and painful to go to the bathroom, for example. For most of the day I sat in my recliner either watching TV or playing with my computer. My only hope is that tomorrow the pain will be gone and I can enjoy the day.

Regardless what happens tomorrow, I will have to report this problem to the nurses at the cancer center on Monday, maybe they have an idea what causes this and how to reduce, if not eliminate the pain.

That’s it for today, it was not a good day.