2017-07-09 Recovery Day 125

Today’s temperatures were much lower than yesterday, 68F at 6:00 AM, 21F lower, and a high of only 100F, the sign of a good day. However, I had hoped that today would be a better day than yesterday, but that’s were I was wrong again. Just like yesterday, my problems was my leg pain again. And just like yesterday the pain was no going away as it has in the past.

As it turns out today was a exact repeat of yesterday, my upper leg/buttocks were so bad that it prevented me from walking, further, the pain in my left foot also returned, making it even more difficult to walk.

After breakfast I made it upstairs to rest and hope that maybe by lunch the pain had improved. It turned out my pain did not go away. Since we had friends invited for lunch I made slowly my way downstairs. We had our lunch outside on our backyard patio. I lasted an hour before my pain forced me inside to my recliner. Dianne and our visitors joined me inside were we continued to chat and enjoy the company of our visitors for the next 2 1/2 hours.

Just like yesterday I tried every hour to walk using the walker, but no improvement. For the rest of the day I sat in my recliner either watching TV or playing with my computer. My only hope, just like yesterday, is that tomorrow the pain will be gone and I can enjoy the day.

Since I will be going to the cancer center tomorrow afternoon for the start of cycle 5, I will report the problem with the pain I encountered the last 2 days to my doctor and the nurses. I hope that the not only have an idea what causes this and know how to reduce, if not eliminate the pain.

That’s it for today, again it was not a good day.