2017-07-10 Recovery Day 126

Just like yesterday morning, my problems was my leg pain again. And just like yesterday the pain was no going away as it has in the past. All the signs were there that today would be a repeat of yesterday. Regardless, I went downstairs for breakfast. It was not easy to do since my upper leg/buttocks pain was at a pain level 8. I tried walking if off, which worked in the past, but it did not today. In addition. not only did the pain in my left foot returned, but also did my right foot start to hurt, making it even more difficult to walk.

After breakfast I made it upstairs to rest and in hope that maybe by lunch the pain levels would have improved. Before lunch I had my FaceTime call with Ray, catching up with what happen over the weekend. I also had a FaceTime session with my cousin Hannelore and her husband Peter from Germany.

I went downstairs at 11:30 AM getting ready for lunch. At first it seemed like the leg and foot pain had largely improved. However, it turned out that this was not the case. I had my lunch and rested in my recliner until 2:30 PM, leaving for my chemo session, this one being cycle 5. I reported the pain/leg issue to the nurse that looked after me, who passed it on to the doctor in charge. Since she is fully booked today, I will see her tomorrow about this.

Today I was told that this is my last cycle, I will not have two more cycles (5 and 6) as I was told at the end of cycle 4. I believe it has to do with the results of the blood test last Wednesday which showed that my IgA level was down to 665. With one more cycle it should be below 360 which is the goal.

After the chemo session, which started late today, we stopped by the drug store to pickup some more medication, we got home just for supper Denise had prepared. After supper we watched The Great British Baking Show. Afterwards I made my way upstairs to rest.

That’s it for today, it was not a good day as I had hoped for.