2017-07-11 Recovery Day 127

Today turned out much different then the days before. For starters, getting up was just like the days before, I felt the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, but by the time I was downstairs for breakfast they were almost gone. All that was notable present was my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. As it turns out it stayed that way all morning, giving me time to catch up with work I was not able to do the last few days. In between I return my Uncle’s FaceTime call to let him know about my new leg/foot pain status.

After lunch I noticed that when sitting to long my leg and foot pains were back. The pain levels were low and as before I can walk it off. Denise picked me up at 2:30PM to take me to my chemo session. The chemo session went normal, nothing different.

Regarding my question what caused these upper leg/buttocks and foot pain at the end of the rest period, I got the answer from a nurse who explained that it is bone pain a side effect of the Zometa infusion I get every 28 days. Patients, that like have MM get the pain weeks after getting the infusion. What she suggests is to take Claritin, a antihistamine, the day after the infusion for at least a week. It may not work, but most patients have reported that it reduces the pain level greatly.

After the chemo session, walking back to the car, my leg and foot pains were back. This was the same as early after lunch. The pain levels were low and by the time I was at the car the pains were gone.

Yesterday, I mention that instead of 2 more cycles of chemo, this, cycle 5, would be the last one. I guessed that this may have something to do with the results of the blood test last Wednesday which showed that my IgA level was down to 665. With one more cycle it should be below 360 which is the goal. Dianne received yesterday from UCSF a schedule regarding the upcoming stem cell transplant:

  • 15th August Dianne and I met at UCSF with the Family Conference and Labs to be provided the details of the stem cell collection and transplant.
  • Week of the 28th August I will have to go UCSF each day (8am-5pm) for the Stem Cell Collection. This can take 2-5 days, it all depends how quickly they can find enough good cell.
  • 14th September to 6 October, the stem cell transplant will take place. I don’t know yet the details regarding visitors, however I am sure that by the time I go there I will know it.

That’s it for today, it was a better day then I had hoped for. Yes, the leg/foot pains are still there, but compared to the weekend, it was acceptable. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.