2017-07-12 Recovery Day 128

Today turned out to be like yesterday; good. For starters, like yesterday getting up I felt the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, but by the time I was downstairs for breakfast they were almost gone. All that was notable present was my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. As it turns out it stayed that way all morning, giving me time to to continue catching up with work I was not able to do the last few days. In between I had my FaceTime call with Ray.

Just before lunch Dianne informed me that my PT evaluation was moved from Friday late afternoon to today at 3:00 PM. It was time to have clean up have lunch and rest a bit be for going to the hospital for the PT Evaluation.

The PT evaluation went over without any problems. Starting this Friday I will have 2 PT session per week lasting 1 hour for the next 4 weeks. I also got 6 exercises as homework. Getting back home, I needed to rest since the evaluation wore me out.

That’s it for today, it was a good day as I was able to get much accomplished. Yes, the leg/foot pains are still there, but the come less often with a lower pain level. My shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain showed up more often today because of the work I did and the PT evaluation. However it was acceptable and with an ice pack it was quickly reduced. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.