2017-07-13 Recovery Day 129

Today started just like yesterday. For starters, like yesterday getting up I felt the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, but by the time I was downstairs for breakfast they were almost gone. All that was notable present was my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. As it turns out it stayed that way all morning, giving me time to to continue catching up with work I was not able to do the last few days. In between I had a Skype session with Ray and Francois regarding our company.

After the Skype call I went upstairs to our Den trying to do my PT exercises. It was rather difficult since the diagrams provided are hard to read and understand. Also, pain started for each exercise, guess that is from yesterday’s exercise. It should be better tomorrow. I also did 30 minutes on my stationary bike as suggested by Dr. D. These went of without any problems.

Dianne had some more information regarding the Stem Cell Transfer. This, the current treatment cycle, is the final chemo cycle. After the last day of chemo, Tuesday 25th July, I will finish of the Revlimid and stop taking the Dexamethasone. The reason being to remove any trace of my chemo treatment before harvesting any stem cells.

That’s it for today, it was a great good day as I was able to get much accomplished!!!

Yes, the leg/foot pains are still there, so is my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. The shoulder showed up more often today because of yesterday’s PT evaluation. However it was acceptable and with an ice pack it was quickly reduced.