2017-07-15 Recovery Day 131

Like yesterday, I am trying to figure out what to write. The day followed the emerging pattern for the mornings. Getting up I still feel a bit of the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, but by the time I get downstairs for breakfast they are almost gone. All that was notable present was my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain that stayed that way all day. Being Saturday, Dianne and I got up early to go to the local bakery-café to get breakfast as take out. This was the second time that I went out other then the cancer center or hospital.

Being another day with a temperature over 100F, we stayed inside and did some house work. I helped Dianne a bit`within limits of my pain. The pain level stayed for most of the day in the acceptable range. However, in the late afternoon the upper leg/buttocks pain shut up to a PL of 9. Trying to walking it off, which work in the past, was a bit difficult and painful. But once I got going I was able to reduce the pain. Dianne reminded me that even with the pain level being a 9, it is better then previous Fridays/Saturdays. In other words there is a improvement we should keep note of.

Tomorrow promises to be even hotter, which means no outdoor activities. Maybe I will start cleaning out my office.

That’s it for today, it was another great good day pain wise. With this being the last chemo cycle, 2 more weeks to go, it will be interesting to find out will the pain go away or stay on.