2017-07-16 Recovery Day 132

Getting up this morning was no different from the last two days, I still feel a bit of the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, but by the time I get downstairs they are almost gone. As to my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain they were barely notable. Since it is Sunday, we, Dianne, Denise and I decided to go to the local café for breakfast. Getting back home, I decided to provide Dianne company during her garden work by staying outside in my garden Lounge Chair. Around lunch time it got to about 100F signaling that it was time to go inside.

Being another day with a temperature over 100F (108.3F 42.3C), we stayed inside, and since we did house work yesterday, we did none today. Instead, we decided to relax and use the afternoon to watch a number of movies. Like yesterday the pain level stayed for most of the day in the acceptable range. However, just like yesterday, in the late afternoon the upper leg/buttocks pain shut up again, however, today I was able to walk it off.

I took some time during the movies to create a spreadsheet of all the claims filed by the various service providers. Until the end of June there are so far 58 requests with my insurance company. The reason I need to do this is that until I get a bill send to me, I should not pay. Further, I get bills send to me that were never submitted to my insurance company, again these I should not pay. Last but not least, once I have reach the maximum of my out-of-pocket amount, I should stop paying the bill as well. As you can tell this is not a simple way of getting a bill and pay, unless you have tons of money and you don’t care what you do with it.

That’s it for today, it was another good day even with the pain issue in the afternoon. With this being the last chemo cycle, 2 more weeks to go, it will be interesting to find out if the pain will go away or stay on.