2017-07-18 Recovery Day 134

Getting up this morning I felt none of the upper leg/buttocks, foot pain and shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pains. By the time I got downstairs and had helped with the breakfast my shoulder-back-shoulder pains were back again. Since I had a 9:00 Physical Therapy session, I rested in my recliner to reduce the pain level.

The Physical Therapy session turned out to be a good one. I got answers to my questions and modifications, alternate way, to two of my exercises. Most of the time was spend applying deep soft tissue mobilization on my shoulder-back-shoulder area to loosen up my muscles. It really works, sadly only for a few hours.

After PT I return home to rest and ice down my shoulder-back-shoulder area. I checked Skype to see if any of my friends were online. I was lucky to see that Laurent Liscia was online. We had a good session catching up with what happen since our last call over a months again.

After lunch I went upstairs to my office to test if my USB C to HDMI Adapter, I just got delivered from Amazon, was working with my external Monitor and MacBook. It works great, I can use it with the MacBook closed, If the MacBook is open, the external Monitor can become an extension of the desktop to the right side or mirror the internal display. My plan is to use it as an extension giving me a larger work area.

At 2:30 PM Dianne picked me up for my Chemo session. I noticed that normally in week 2, second day (Tuesday), I get in addition to my normal infusion, also Zometa. However, today it was not so. The reason being I am scheduled for a root canal on Wednesday next week. There is a requirement that for such operations like a root canal no Zometa is to be administrated 4 weeks before. Other than that, the chemo session went off without a hitch.

Getting back home I needed some more rest since my shoulder-back-shoulder pain was not going away. I may already be the feedback from my PT session, which normally I don’t feel the PT pain until the next day.

That’s it for today, it was another good day even with the pain issues during the day. The rest of the day is very much the same as every day, rest, dinner, watching TV before going to bed. Instead of repeating myself, I will stop here and only report if something new or out of the ordinary has occurred.