2017-07-20 Recovery Day 136

Getting up this morning I still had some dizziness from yesterday to overcome. However, it did slowly disappear and instead My lower back started to hurt. I slowly moved upstairs into my office getting ready for my 8:00 AM conference call with some of my colleagues. As to my pain, it was not good, first my lower back, and later the shoulder pain. I took my 9:00 Dilaudid at 9:30. Guess what, I got dizzy again. I immediately rested to get the dizziness down and the shoulder pain to slowly drop.

The lower back pain and shoulder pain would not go away, it would come and go. I was holding off the Dilaudid for now not to become over-medicated again. As it turns out I was not able to do much for the rest of the day, so I decided to rest downstairs, watching TV. I was not able to work on this posting as I constantly dozed off and my laptop started to slip off me. I finally gave in and went upstairs to call it a day.