2017-07-21 Recovery Day 137

Getting up this morning I was hoping for a better day than the last two days. Sadly it did not turn out that way. All morning long my left foot, up to my knee, and both of my upper buttocks were in pain that would not go away. I tried everything, resting for awhile, try walking it off, nothing help. Even sitting outside for lunch with my Premonus colleagues did not help today.

Dianne had to come home at 1:30 since we got a repairmen coming. Noticing my swollen left foot, so she put on some anti-embolism stockings to bring it down. In addition to my swollen feet, I still had my upper buttocks and shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pains to deal with. The solution was to stay of my feet and rest, which I did for the rest of the day, just like yesterday.