2017-07-23 Recovery Day 139

Getting up this morning I felt a bit of the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. As to my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain is was barely notable. Since it is Sunday, we, Dianne, Denise and I decided to go to the local café for breakfast. My pain had increased just a touch, so being brave, I agreed that after breakfast we could go to the local department store. Getting back home, I stayed outside in my garden Lounge Chair watch Dianne to do some garden work. To keep my leg pain in control, I got up from my lounge chair every hour to walk around a bit. Around lunch time I got as it started to get hot and it was time to go inside.

Being another day with a temperature close to 100F, I stayed inside helping out with some light house work. For the rest of the afternoon we decided to relax and watch a number of movies. To keep my upper leg/buttocks and foot pain in check when sitting, I found that I must go for a short walk every 30-45 minutes. In addition to taking a frequent walk
when sitting, I also found that in the late afternoon the upper leg/buttocks pain shuts up. So far I have no explanation why that is.

That’s it for today, it was finally a good day even with the pain issues during the day. Tomorrow will be the start of my last week of chemo treatment, as it is time to get prepared for my stem cell transplant.