2017-07-24 Recovery Day 140

Today turned out very different then i hoped for. Getting up I felt a bit of the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. As to my shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain is was barely notable. I helped with preparing Breakfast which resulted in an increase of the pain levels for my upper leg/buttocks, foot pain and shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pain. I rested in my recliner to reduce the pain, which did not work. I took my 10 Dexamethasone pills. After an hour I took my regiment of morning pills. Shortly after taking them I started to have some stomach cramps.

The cramps become stronger so I decided to go upstarts to get some better rest. Instead of getting better, I had to vomit first. Slowly I start feeling better, enough to have some toast for lunch. I continued my rest to get better for my chemo session in the afternoon. The chemo session went off without a hitch. There is now only 1 chemo session left.

After getting back home, I rested downstairs since my stomach still did not feel right. For dinner I had a light chicken nuddle soup which was good, not increasing my stomach cramps. I stayed downstairs a bit longer before going upstairs.

That’s it for today, as mention before, tomorrow is my last chemo session. After that I will get ready for the stem cell transplant, starting first with the stem cell collection last week of August.